Yoga with Melissa 121, Get Out of Your Head: Yoga for Migraines

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 121 is not only designed to help the over 303 million people worldwide who suffer from a genetic neurological disease called migraine disease but also a much wider spread epidemic called “way to much time in your head!!!” This hatha yoga class is designed to bring you out of your head and connect you to the still, nurturing, life-giving, supportive energies of your root charka and Mother Earth. In this hatha yoga class we will focus on opening up the channels of energy in your feet and legs through meditation, visualization and yoga postures.

This hatha yoga class begins by rolling a tennis ball on the bottom of your feet to open up your feet chakras. Then we will sit in a chair to do a grounding visualization. Following this we come to standing for chair pose. We will practice a standing version of hand to big toe pose and then come down to release your hips in pigeon. We follow with foot series and malasana to open up the energy in your feet and lower body. There is a long seated forward fold series followed by locust pose, bridge, knee to chest pose and savasana.


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