Yoga for Fertility and Abundance, Lakshmi Series, Yoga with Melissa 166

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Show Notes: Episode 166

This week we are tuning into the Goddess of fertility, Santana Lakshmi. Santana means offspring. Santana Lakshmi blesses her devotees with the wealth of good children who will possess good health and a long life. She also protects infants from danger and disease.

Satana Lakshmi has 6 arms. The number six reminds us not to worry about material matters, especially money. In her top two hands she holds two vases called kalashas which are symbolic of wisdom and immortality. In this case they are symbolic of fertility and wealth. They hold the nectar of eternal life. Santana Lakshmi’s vases actually have plants growing out of her vases symbolic of life growing. She holds a sword and a shield in her second two arms. The sword is the symbol of wisdom in the battle against ignorance and the force of destruction, it is an object of reverence which brings good luck. She carries a shield which gives protection against enemy attacks – in this case it protects the infants from danger and disease. Her bottom hand is in the abhaya (fear allaying mudra) and in her lap she holds a child who is holding a lotus (the flower is symbolic of mother’s lap). The whole flower is symbolic of beauty, happiness and eternal renewal.

Symbolically Santana Lakshmi is associated with cat and sometimes with tigress. The caring and nurturing attitude of these animals are equated with that of Santana Lakshmi. In her folk form the Goddess Shasthi is depicted riding a black cat in fact. In early Vedic times Shashti was a Goddess of the new moon.

As you reflect on Santana Lakshmi and fertility consider what it is you are birthing in your life right now. What would you like to bring to life? What is it that you are creating? Fertility and nurturing things into existence takes many forms. While you may not be birthing an actual baby there may be other projects you are wishing to deliver into the material plane. Connecting with the energy of Santana Lakshmi can help to bring these projects to fruition.

Props Needed: Yoga Strap, Yoga Block,

Yoga Asanas/Yoga Postures: supta pandangusthasana/reclined hand to big toe pose, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana/pigeon, marjaryasana/cat pose, Vyaghrasana/ tiger pose, Vrksasana, tree pose, Utkata Konasana/Goddess Victory Squat, Ardha Chandrasana/half moon balancing pose, cow’s face pose/gomukasana, yoni mudra

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