Yoga with Melissa 60: Your Organ Body: Heart and Lungs

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 60 is on your Heart and Lungs. This is the second class in our series on our organ body. We start with the “heart” of the matter and the center of our being – our hearts. Our heart is responsible for the constant flow of giving nutrients to the cells and receiving waste back from the cells. On a symbolic level your heart represents love and the blood is symbolic of its circulation. When we practice yoga with our hearts we are entering into a constant flow of giving and receiving to and from the heart.

Our lungs are also connecting with giving and receiving as we take in and give out. Your lungs act as a mediator between your inside and outside world and as such are symbolic of your interdependence with all things. Through your lungs your body is in a continual process of connecting your internal environment with your external environment and vice versa.

Your heart is like a revolving door as it opens both in and out to give and receive love and compassion. Your blood flows continually and has its own rhythm which gives you a way to connect with your own natural rhythm of life that moves within you. Throughout the class we will practice hatha yoga with the metaphor of the revolving door of your heart. You will conclude your yoga practice by making a connection between your head and your hearts through postures that open your neck and chest.

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