Yoga with Melissa 64, Chakras and Their Archetypes: Root Chakra and Mother Earth

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 64 is on the Root Chakra and the Archetype of Mother Earth. This is the first of a series of hatha yoga classes on chakras and their archetypes. If you would like to know more about chakras I highly recommend Anodea Judith. For this series I will be drawing heavily from the work of Ambika Wauters and her book Chakras and their Archetypes. The first chakra has to do with our foundation and our connection to the earth. In this hatha yoga class we will explore our relationship to Mother Earth as one who provides for all our basic needs. We will look at healing this relationship which has historically been one of excess, hoarding and greed and is reflected in the current cultural epidemic of obesity. As Anodea Judith says, “To heal our relationship to our bodies is to heal our relationship with the earth.”

This root chakra yoga class begins with hand to big toe series and then bridge pose to connect you with your root chakra. We then do a foot series to open up your connection with the earth. There is also a extended connection with your feet in downward facing dog. Parsvottanasana and Tree Pose further increase your connection with the earth and your root chakra. Warrior One and Chair Pose will take up your legs before you come to legs up the wall to open up your upper body’s connection to the earth. We do a front lying back bend to connect your front body to the earth. The class finishes with a twist and a forward fold to complete your connection with your root chakra and mother earth.

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