Yoga with Melissa 65, Chakras and Their Archetypes: Second Chakra and the Goddess Archetype

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 65 is on the Second Chakra and the Goddess Archetype. Here we continue our series of hatha yoga classes on the chakras and their archetypes. Your second chakra is related to the Goddess archetype. By connecting with your second chakra and your Goddess archetype you delight in abundance and thoroughly enjoy life. Being deeply connecting to the Source within you receive the space to be in the world and enjoy its pleasures without overly identifying with them.

Our hatha yoga practice begins with a series of fluid hip openers. This yoga class includes many short gentle vinyasa flow sequences to open your hips along with traditional hatha yoga postures and vatiations and modifications to release your hips and second chakra. When we come to standing we do moon salutation to connect with your Goddess Archetype. Legs up the wall with baddha konasana or bound angle legs further releases your hips. We will finish the practice with variations on cow’s face pose or gomukhasana.

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