Yoga with Melissa 67: Special Series on Chakras and Their Archetypes: Heart Chakra and Kuan Yin

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 67 is on the Archetype Kuan Yin, The Chinese Buddhist Bodhisattva who is the Goddess of mercy and compassion. It is part of our special series on the chakras and their archetypes. In this hatha yoga class we will focus on your heart chakra. Kuan Yin is said to hear the weeping of the world. She carries a vase and collects all the tears of the world. Kuan Yin teaches us to open our hearts and nurture compassion for ourselves, our loved ones and others. This class will focus on metta meditation and heart opening poses.

This hatha yoga class begins in supported fish pose or salamba matsyasana as I guide you through metta meditation. We then release your spine and open your heart with a reclined twist series. From there you will open your heart with setu bandhasana or bridge pose. The hatha yoga class progresses with some gentle cobras and cat/cow poses to warm up your spine and open your heart center. Lunge pose and Gate pose continue our theme of releasing your spine and preparing for our backbends. When we come to standing we do a gentle standing heart opener, followed by cow’s face arms. We return back to our mats and surrender into yoga mudra pose. For our backbend we practice camel pose or ustrasana against the wall. We finish with full cow’s face pose or gomukhasana and then savasana.

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