Yoga with Melissa 68 : Special Series Chakras and Their Archetypes: Throat Chakra and the Great Communicator/Orator

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 68 is on the fifth chakra and the great communicator archetype. In the fifth of a series of hatha yoga classes on the chakras and their archetypes we focus on the throat chakra and connecting with our capacity to communicate. The throat chakra is all about self-expression, creativity, speaking your truth, communication, integrity, and creative expression. Some examples of great communicator archetypes include Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Mother Theresa and Lucy from the Peanuts! In this practice we will focus on postures to open your throat chakra, especially shoulder stand and fish pose or matsyasana.

This hatha yoga chakra yoga class begins in supported fish pose while I play chakra chimes for you. We then move on to releasing your neck in reclined, seated and standing, positions. When we are seated we chant the seed sounds of the chakras. Shoulder stand is taught using the wall with lots of options and modifications. We go back and forth between shoulderstand and fish pose a few times and then finish the class in savasana while listening to the sounds of the chakras again with the chakra chimes.

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