Yoga with Melissa 72: Sankalpa with Dr. Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 72 is on Sankalpa or Intention Setting. “Sankalpa” means a good intention or resolve that resonates within your core and aligns with your essence. At the crux of living our yoga is living from a place of intention. A good intention will bring you in alignment with the greatest good of your highest self and allow you to live in reverence and sincerity with all living beings. In this class I will help you open to your innermost intention and focus on how to bring it to life.

This hatha yoga class begins with a long guided meditation and reflection on sankalpa or intention. From there we move into cat pose or marjaryasana and then on to open our hips with pigeon pose or eka pada rajakapotasana. We open our side bodies with gate pose or parighasana and standing side bend. From there we come into warrior one with eagles arms to have a clear vision for our lives. In warrior two we reflect on what we have learned from our past and where we are headed in our future. In warrior three we talk about taking action in our lives. In tree pose we focus on planting the roots of your sankalpa internally in your own being. Our practice rounds out with legs up the wall, fish pose, and a seated twist. We finish our hatha yoga practice with a mudra for concentration.

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Would you like more support in setting intention? We have a five class series of short 30 minute classes in our membership community.  The series begins with a meditation to help you set your intention for your yoga practice. The second meditation is designed to help you set your intention for your day. The following two days are designed to help you start thinking about setting bigger and longer term intentions. On Wednesday you will have the opportunity to take a value and strengths questionnaire. Thursday is a yoga class that brings forward the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to help you connect with your dharma and true essence in order to form a long-term sankalpa. The series finishes with a short lecture on cautions and questions to help you on your way to forming your intentions.

We also have a lecture and accompanying yoga nidra meditations to take your development of sankalpa further. The lecture takes a deeper look at the concept of sankalpa presented in Yoga with Melissa 72 video. The lecture and accompanying meditations is intended to help you form a meaningful sankalpa to use as a guiding philosophy in your life.

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