Yoga with Melissa 73: Bandhas

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 73 is on the three bandhas. We will be practicing with mula (or moola) bandha, uddiyana bandha and jalandara bandha. These translate as root lock, navel lock and chin lock. The bandhas are muscular contractions that help to focus the mind, channel energy through the body in specific ways and balance the nervous system. If you have been looking for a hatha yoga class on core strength, the three bandhas are in a way, yoga’s answer to finding your internal alignment, deep core strength and your flow of energy.

We begin with a description of the three bandhas: mula (or moola) bandha, uddiyana bandha and jalandara bandha. From there we begin our practice with some hip openers while focusing on engaging the bandhas. We practice engaging the bandhas in the balancing yoga postures tree pose and dancer pose. Throughout this class we explore engaging the three bandhas in hatha yoga postures that you might encounter in any hatha yoga class.

Please note contraindications to the udiyana bandha are: colitis, stomach or intestinal ulcers, diaphragmatic hernias, high blood pressure, and pregnancy. Contraindications to the jalandara bandha are: cervical spondylosis, high intracranial pressure, vertigo, high blood pressure or heart disease.

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