Yoga with Melissa 74: Drishti

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 74 is on drishti. Drishti means point of focus. It is a gentle gaze outwards that brings awareness inwards. In sanskrit drishti translates as vision, point of view, intelligence and wisdom. The root of the word, “dhr” means to hold, support and keep our mind collected. How perfect is that for our yoga practice? Drishti can be on a candle flame, a chakra, a mantra, breath, bodily sensation, thoughts, emotions, or spirit. In fact in Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion the drishti or point of focus allows us to see past our outer differences to our inner essence or truth. In this hatha yoga class we will choose different points of focus for our drishti.

We begin the class with a guided reflection on drishti. Then we move on to some hip, spine and hamstring releases. In this class we practice balancing poses as a way to engage drishti. We choose a point of focus or drishti in the warrior poses. There is a nice modification of triangle pose with a chair in this class. This yoga class ends with seated forward fold.

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