Yoga with Melissa 77 Samskaras with Dr. Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 77 is on Samskaras. This hatha yoga class is dedicated to samskaras; the subliminal impressions formed by our thoughts, feelings and actions. According to Nischala Joy Devi, when a thought, feeling or situation arises it will naturally flow into the groove that presents the path of least resistance. Through this week’s practice we will become aware of unconscious and habitual samskaras and look at the ways that sankalpa, awareness, asana, mudras and pranayama can create new, more positive impressions.

Our hatha yoga class begins with some teachings on the samskaras. From there we will move into some neck, shoulder and hamstring releases in a reclined position. Cat pose and downward facing dog will release your spine before we come to standing. From there we practice rabbit pose and shoulderstand before coming to locust pose. We do a seated twist in easy pose before the sharira hand body mudra series to finish our hatha yoga practice.

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