Yoga with Melissa 78 Karma with Dr. Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 78 is about Karma. This is the much requested and long awaited hatha yoga class on karma. Although karma is popularly understood as punishment for our sins or rewards for our good deeds, in truth it is much more complex than that. Michael Stone describes karma as a relationship between our actions and psychological conditioning. He adds that when we act we act within a web of relationships and thus karma is a complex and multidimensional thing. This class is really a part 2 to the class on samskaras (episode 77). Karma can relate to the actions of our bodies, minds and speech. In this class we focus on the habitual holding patterns of our bodies and plant the seeds for a new more flexible, strong, and balanced way of being in the world.

This hatha yoga class begins with some teachings on karma and then moves into kapala bhati breath or skull shining breath. From there we do some hand and wrist stretches seated and in the cat/cow position as well. In lunge pose we open up your hips and release your spine further with some twists. When we come to standing we further release your wrists, open your chest and practice the warrior poses. When we come back down to our mats we practice a sequence from bow pose to open your chest and hips to finish the class.

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