Yoga with Melissa 80: Yoga Stories Series: Lotus

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 80, Yoga Stories Series: Lotus, is the first in a series of yoga stories classes. In this full hatha yoga class we will practice our way towards the lotus pose by opening your hips. The lotus is a flower that has its roots in the muddy waters and is used as a symbol for the opening flower of spiritual growth – which can grow from the muck of even the worst karma. The unfolding petals of the lotus  flower symbolize the expansion of our souls.

This hatha yoga class begins with teaching on the lotus and how it relates to the unfolding of our karma and spiritual growth. We then lie down to release your hips starting with some detailed foot movement. We then move into some static and dynamic releasing of your hips from the reclined position. When we come to seated we do more releasing of your feet and ankles. We move your hips through their full range of motion in a lunge series before coming into pigeon pose. We do some variations of hastha padangusthasana from standing. Then we come to seated and do more hip openers in preparation for lotus pose before attempting the full expression of the pose. We finish with the lotus mudra.

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