Yoga with Melissa 83, Yoga Stories, Lord of the Fish Pose with Dr. Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 83 is on Lord of the Fish Pose. There are two versions of fish pose: matsyana, which is the back bending fish, and matsyendrasana, the seated twist. Matsya was the first avatar of Vishnu who saved the great sages, birds, animals and plants from a flood that destroyed the world. Matsyendrasana was the first yoga teacher, a fish who Siva unknowingly imparted all the teachings of yoga one day while sitting by the water’s edge. Matsyendrasana went on to teach others and the classic text Hatha Yoga Pradipika was the result. This hatha yoga class will free up your thoracic spine for fish pose and then practice with twisting which is fabulous for your internal organs and releasing tension.

We begin our hatha yoga class with the story of the Lord of the Fish. Then we come to a reclined position to release your shoulders, upper back and neck. A reclined twist and cobra building continue with the release of your spine in preparation for matsyasana. When we come to kneeling we do some thread the needle, revolved lunge pose and even some revolved boat pose which works your core. This hatha yoga class has a lot of revolved poses in it: revolved wide-legged standing forward fold, revolved triangle. We even do some dolphin pose which will build strength in your upper body and add some movement for your thoracic spine. We round out our class with matsyasana and matsyendrasana. The class finishes with the matsya mudra, the fish mudra for healing.

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