Yoga with Melissa 90, Yoga Stories Ganesh and the Moon

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 90 is about Ganesh and the Moon. In this hatha yoga class we will practice all the various forms of chandrasana: lunge or anjeneyasana, crescent moon or standing side bend, and ardha chandrasana or half moon balancing pose. The moon poses with the most delightful and hilarious story about our beloved Ganesh. This episode will open your hips, lengthen your spine and help you practice your balance.

We begin our class with moon channel breathing, followed by the story of Ganesh and the moon. From there we lie down to release your hips and hamstrings in hand to big toe pose sequence in preparation for standing half moon balancing pose. We also practice half happy baby pose in the reclined position. Crescent moon pose is practiced from lunge pose. Gate and thread the needle help to prepare for half moon balancing pose as does pigeon pose. When we come to standing we practice crescent moon and half moon balancing pose. We finish our class with some bound angle pose variations.

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