Yoga with Melissa 93 – The Five Vayus Prana Vayu

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 93 is on Prana Vayu. This hatha yoga class is a new 5 part series focused on the management of prana – vital life force energy that animates all levels of our being. Through these yoga classes we will become more attentive towards the energy flowing through our bodies and learn how to enhance and direct their flow. We will begin with prana vayu which has to do with the inward and upward movement of energy from our heart center up into our chest, neck and head. Prana vayu has to do with the reception of all things from food, breath, thoughts to our senses; anything coming into our body. Join us as we follow energetic flow inwards and upwards for an INSPIRING practice.

This hatha yoga class begins with the teachings on prana vayu. Then we lie down and do an active three part breath. We come up to kneeling for cat pose and thread the needle. We do downward facing dog and upward facing dog. We do some neck releases and eye yoga. When we come to standing we do some breath of joy and cow’s face arms to open up your upper chest. Side angle pose continue our theme of opening up the energy in your heart and chest. We will round out our practice with fish pose and a side bending forward fold.

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