Yoga with Melissa 94: The Five Vayus: Apan Vayu

by Melissa West on

The Five Vayus: Apan Vayu

This week we will be working with becoming aware of and enhancing the downward flow of energy in our bodies. Apan Vayu is located at the anus, but also runs along the base of the neck, down the spine, whole back and down through the heels. Apan Vayu is responsible for elimination of all kinds from your body from exhalation to bowel movements, urination to childbirth. During this practice we will practice letting go through breath and body of thoughts, emotions, physical tension and anything that no longer serves us in our lives.

We begin our hatha yoga class by supporting the downward flow of energy with knee to chest pose. We then roll over onto our stomachs for some variations of locust pose. We encourage the downward flow of energy through the backs of our legs with parsvottanasana. We do some variations of knee to chest pose standing and then malasana or squat pose. Some seated twists and forward folds encourage the downward flow of energy. We complete our hatha yoga class with a reclined twist and seated meditation.

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