Yoga with Melissa 95 – The Five Vayus Samana Vayu

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Yoga with Melissa 95 is on Samana Vayu. This hatha yoga class is on samana vayu, the great equalizer. The key location of this vayu is at the navel center (think third chakra). Samana vayu is responsible to assimilation of all kinds: food (nourishment – or lack thereof), thought patterns, emotions, sensory perception, and breath. When this vayu is strong you will experience strong digestion, vitality and balance. The asana practice in this episode will focus on twists and abdominal toners or core strength.

This hatha yoga class begins with the teachings on samana vayu and a breath awareness practice. We then lie down for a reclined twist to encourage the assimilation. We then move into abdominal curls, the ones that are in hatha yoga pradipika. When we come up to seated we do some movements from the spinal energy series. Then we move into boat pose. When we come up to standing we do some sun salutations to absorb the energy of the sun. When we come to seated we do some seated twists and twisting forward folds.

If you would like more support in cultivating your core strength then I would highly recommend the following classes from our membership community:

Yoga for Posture

This video focuses on strengthening your core, butt, and back.

Yoga for Strength Core

Get ready to change up and move in your traditional yoga postures! This class will engage your core as you look at yoga postures that you’ve done before in a whole new way to strengthen your core.

Intelligent Core

In this class we are going to be retraining your core so that it can return to its intelligence. You will exchange brute force and an armoured exterior for a supple and dynamic core. Contrary to popular opinion muscle weakness is not necessarily the problem and taking control through strength training programs that build dense muscular tissue simply creates armoring, defensiveness and disharmony. Through this class we will let go of control and awaken an internal strength by accessing the integrity of your core. As Liz Koch says, “No mammal except for the human performs abdominal crunches.” These exercises will help you align with your neutral body and achieve resiliency, coherency and coordination.

Yoga for Herniated Discs

Ulrika reminded me in her Just Like Me Interview, that there are a lot of therapeutic and safe core strengthening exercises in this video

Kundalinin Kriya for the Naval Center and Elimination

75 mins. In our modern lifestyle we seldom walk or exercise our bodies enough to promote good elimination through the bowels. It is the build of of waste that prevents good absorption of nutrients and that provides a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. If the elimination is blocked in the main channels, your body will try to expel the toxins via the skin in pimples, rashes, boils, etc. This kirya works out the entire elimination system. Then the sexual energy and breath energy are stimulated and circulated. The final exercises raise the energy to the higher centers. by Yogi Bhajan 7/2/69

Members here is a link to the playlist for core strengthening classes:

If you are not already a member, join us today: Become a Member Today

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