Yoga with Melissa 96 – The Five Vayus Udana Vayu

by Melissa West on

 Yoga with Melissa 96 is on Udana Vayu. This hatha yoga class continues our series on the five vayus with udana vayu. This is a more subtle prana of upward moving energy to express your truth, expand your awareness and raise your consciousness. This vayu is active primarily region between your heart and your heat drawing prana to your energy centers deep within your brain. When we cultivate this energy as we create a blissful consciousness of enlightenment by moving udana vayu up through the sushumna nadi.

We begin our hatha yoga practice by releasing your head, neck and shoulders with 10 tigers running through the forest and a dynamic shoulder release. Then we move into some bridge pose with some thymus tapping. We come into cat pose on your forearms to release your upper back, followed by thread the needle and dolphin pose. This class has lion’s breath, cow’s face arms, shoulder stand and fish pose. There is lots in here to prepare you to come into headstand if you have had instruction from a teacher in a yoga studio. We finish with a nice long savasana.

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