Yoga with Melissa Episode 59: Introduction to Your Organ Body

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 59 is an Introduction to your Organ Body. One of the major benefits of practicing yoga for the physical body is its effect on the internal organs. While I’ve taught many classes on the organ body in the past, this time, I plan on looking at it from the perspective of the 72,000 energy meridians as outlined by the practice of thai massage. Blockages along the energy lines inhibit the flow of energy to organs, which works in a similar way as cholesterol buildup in the arteries. We can practice yoga postures, to open up the energy lines and restore healthy energy flow to the organs. Over the next several classes  we will be doing the following yoga classes to benefit the organ body.

1. Introduction to the Organ Body

2. Heart and lungs

3. Liver and gall bladder

4. Kidneys and bladder

5. Spleen and stomach

6. Small intestine

7. Large intestine

How will it work? Well, for example the heart can benefit from yoga postures that engage the kalatharee energy line that runs along the inner legs and inner arms, as well as the outer legs and the outer arms. Yoga postures such as supta pandangusthasana for the legs and chest opening postures such as breath of joy and bow pose open up the thai energy lines that correspond to the heart. There are acupressure points on the feet and the hands that simple movements like standing on the balls of your feet and circling your wrists could be of benefit to the heart.

The lungs benefit from movement along the sumana energy line which runs up along the inside of the spinal cord. Many yoga postures from cat/cow, cobra and locust can stimulate the sumana energy line.

What I think is so interesting about approaching yoga in this way, is that it allows us to understand more deeply how our yoga postures affects our internal body. So much of our approach to yoga in North America focuses on yoga in an extremely external way. Emphasis on alignment and physical effects on muscular strength and flexibility ignore the profound effects yoga has on the internal workings of the body. Want to dive in deeper?

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