Yoga YouTuber Tag | Celebrating 20K Subscribers

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Yoga YouTuber Tag

To celebrate 20K subscribers on this channel, I thought I would do something that booktubers do quite often. They call them booktube tags. I made up a yoga youtuber tag so that all of you can find out a little bit more about me and the history of the Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa channel.

Why did you start this channel?

What do you bring to yoga that is unique? What is your teaching style?

What inspires you most about yoga?

Why do you love filming yoga videos and releasing them on YouTube?

Why did you start practicing yoga?

What questions would you ask your favourite yoga teacher?

What are the biggest challenges about having a YouTube channel centered around yoga?

Who do I tag?

Leslie from Fightmaster Yoga: Click Here

Anita Goa: Click Here

Laura G Yoga: Click Here

Michelle from Heart Alchemy Yoga: Click Here

Katie from Katie Blecker Yoga : Click Here


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