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by Melissa West on

Yoga for Grounding: In Honour of Gaia: To Purchase the video click here

Why a class specifically on grounding? Quite simply because we live in a culture where our energy is continuously being ungrounded. Over stimulation, toxicity, rapidly changing environments, over-saturation with information, over stimulated nervous systems, concrete jungles, rushing, spinning out, fear of unknown, endless time on computers, handheld devices and social media, scattered, working long hours ignoring the needs of our bodies, time in crowded cities, travel, bright lights, the escalated pace and external speeds we live by are all part of modern life and pull our energy upwards ungrounding us. You have experienced being ungrounded if you have ever felt overwhelmed, over sensitive, unsteady, stress, anxiety, mental fog, mental chatter, agitation, over thinking, urgency, frustrated, running out of time, spun out, rushed, irrationally fearful, food cravings, overly analytical and in your head, overly emotional and you even take on the emotions of others. “When you are ungrounded you try to keep up with the speed of your mind rather than the speed of your body” Kimberley Jones. This class is designed to bring you back into your body and connect you with the healing and grounding energy of Mother Earth (Gaia). It will help you feel calm and centered and most of all get and stay grounded. Being grounded allows you to come fully into your body and into the present moment. Being connected to the healing properties of the earth has many health benefits including: reducing the stress hormone cortisol, calming the adrenal response (fight or flight), reduces inflammation in your body, improves sleep, reduces chronic pain, increases your energy, lowers stress, soothes your nervous system, normalizes your body’s biological rhythms, improves your body’s blood pressure and flow, lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms, speeds healing, and strengthens your life force.

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Props Needed: Tennis Ball, Yoga Strap

Here are a few samples of the Video.

To Purchase the video click here

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