Yoga with Melissa 116 Ayurveda Elements and Doshas: Earth

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 116 focuses on the Ayurvedic Earth Element and the Kapha Dosha. This is a vigorous yoga practice designed to bring balance to the solid, dense earth energy of the kapha constitution. This active practice will help to build movement and heat creating harmony for those with strong kapha constitutions. This class was inspired by Dr. David Frawley´s books: Ayurveda Nature’s Medicine and Yoga for Your Type. If you want to know your dosha, I recommend Deepak Chopra´s quiz.

This vigorous hatha yoga class for the kapha dosha begins with a reclined twist and bridge pose. The we come up for some cat pose and some dynamic thread the needle. Next up is kapalabhati breath followed by sun salutations with several standing postures included within the vinyasa. After the sun salutations we practice several versions of prone backbends. Then we come up for a seated twist to finish up our hatha yoga class.

In our membership community we have several yoga classes from an Ayurvedic perspective, particularly our Transitioning into Spring series with one class for each dosha: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Link for Members:

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