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Tree Pose

We start resting into the support of the earth as we always do. Letting go of the tension of our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies down and into the earth like the root system of a tree sinking down into the earth.

While trees continually seek to grow and expand upward and outwards, their root systems grow down and out into the earth. The tremendous expansive movement of wood element relies on the earth to cradle, nurture and nourish.

Sphinx Pose with leg up to Side 5 mins each side (15 mins)

On the inside of the tree trunk there is an intricate system of circulation and energy flow. Wood element is related to the smooth flow of chi from the liver organ system. Tune into the flow of chi in your body in these poses, do you feel a smooth and even flow of chi?

Dragonfly Pose Yin (10 mins)

The branches of the tree allow us to reflect on the yang quality of the wood element. They continually reach and expand for more and more. The branches seek more light, they grow in whatever direction they need to seek more freedom, more space, to literally branch out and expand.

Wood element sometimes keeps pushing when they should back off, ambitiously moving ahead when they should pause and reflect, tightening and resisting against obstacles when they should relax.

This is when it is useful to reflect on the principles of yin.

1. Find and appropriate edge.
2. Be Soft.
3. Be Still
4. Stay for awhile.

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Advanced Study in Yoga and Meditation Course #1 Five Phase Theory: Wood Element

We all have the five phases of wood, fire, earth, metal and water within us. Each element exists to nourish all others and in return, to be nourished itself. The movement of our being are like the tides of energy expanding (yang) and contracting (yin) as we are carried along the currents of life.

Wood is the most yang of all the elements. Wood is the birth and new beginnings of spring which seeks growth and expansion. Wood is the awakening. It is the expansion of movement outward towards the surface. It is the liver organ network which stores blood and regulates the even flow of qi throughout our body.

Nov 26 Week 1: Becoming Comfortable with the most Yang of all the elements
Dec. 3 Week 2: Judicious Flow: Smooth and Even Movement
Dec 10 Week 3: Shadow Side of Wood Element
Dec 18 Week 4: Balancing Wood with Earth, Metal and Water


Yin Yoga
Time in Nature
Contemplative Readings (Poetry)

This course will be limited to 12 people in each of the time slots

Mondays 9:30 am PST (2 spots remaining)
Mondays 4:00 pm PST (8 spots remaining)

Applications due by November 9, 2018

If you would like to access the remainder of the course there are four more in depth weeks of the course available in our membership community through application:

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