Introduction to Five Element Theory | Part Two of Seven

by Melissa West on

Five Element Theory

5 element theory is based on observing and contemplating the natural world in which we live and which we are made up of.

These five elements are in perpetual movement. The yin elements are contracting and the yang elements are expanding. Five element theory is basically an approach that explains the rhythm of cycles that move through the cycles.

So for example with the wood element yang grows, with fire element yang diminishes, with earth element we experience yin and yang at an equilibrium, with metal yin grows, with water yin diminishes. However it is important to remember that all five elements are in constant motion and interaction with each other.

Five element theory assumes that all the cycles of change in the external world are also duplicated in our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

So for example right now it is autumn and metal element is influencing wood element. In traditional Chinese medicine metal is similar to air and you can see how the wind is restraining the wood element as the leaves fall from the trees.

In our advanced course of yoga and meditation we will experientially explore the 5 elements, starting with wood through yin yoga, meditation, contemplation of poetry and time in nature daily.

So in our course, spending time in nature for example, we loosen our grip on the theoretical knowledge and we may feel for ourselves the restraining influence of wind as we are out for our daily walk.

And if you would like to experience that in a yoga class then be sure to join me for the last free part of this course on Friday November 9th, the day the applications are due as well on my main channel, Yoga with Melissa West.

That was part two, a taste of a 5 week course on the wood element of five element theory. Part 1 was released on Monday part 3 will be available on my main channel on Friday.

If you would like to access the remainder of the course there are four more in depth weeks of the course available in our membership community through application:

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