Yoga with Melissa 104, Yoga of Emotions, Courage

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 104 is on courage. In this hatha yoga class we tap into our inner strength and discover our courage through yoga. We begin by becoming aware of the physical strength of our bodies. The practice reflects on the courage of hanuman through hanumasana and the great warrior Arjuna through the warrior poses. We also explore a Ganesh mudra to draw on the intellect required for courage. Complementary episodes to this episode are Episode 78 on Karma, Episode 79 on Dharma, Episode 77 on Samskaras, Episodes 12 & 87 on Warrior Pose, Episode 81 on Hanumasana, Episode 76 on True Self/Atman and Episode 18 on Facing our Fears.

We begin today’s hatha yoga class with the teachings on courage. From there you will lie down and release your hips with reclined eagle pose and happy baby pose. We turn our orientation to the ground for lunge pose and plank pose. We then sit with the Ganesh Mudra for courage before coming to standing for the warrior postures. You will get the opportunity to build your courage with handstand against the wall. We even finish with Hanumasana the deity of courage!

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