Yoga with Melissa 106 Yoga of Emotions: Love

by Melissa West on

 Yoga with Melissa 106 is on Love. This is the last of a series of hatha yoga classes on emotions. This is a beautiful practice of heart openers in which we appreciate the beauty and grace of unfolding our bodies. Through yoga asana we recognize that beauty is everywhere and always there to be loved. To practice love is to observe the love and beauty in all things. By seeing the beauty and love in all things we are able to see the Divine nature of all things.

This hatha yoga class focuses on beautiful backbends and heart openers.  We begin this hatha yoga class with dead bug pose to wake up your body and then a reclined twist series to release your spine in preparation for backbends. Following the reclined twist series we move into setu bandhasana or bridge pose as well as sphinx pose and variations to start gently backbending your spine. We come to kneeling and move your spine in all directions in cat pose. Following downward facing dog and puppy we come up to standing and do a short upper body vinyasana before coming into dancer pose and over the moon pose. We finish with a simple seated twist.

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