Yoga with Melissa 108 Vishnu Series: Garudasana or Eagle

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 108 is on Garudasana or Eagle Pose. Over the next eight weeks we will embark on a special series of hatha yoga classes related to Vishnu, the Hindu God of Preservation. The Hindu God’s give us an opportunity to reflect on their qualities, trials and tribulations within our own personal experiences in this case preservation and sustenance. Vishnu was appointed by the God of creation, Brahma, to regulate the consequences of good and evil in the world. Vishnu came into the world in many incarnations whenever calamity occurred. In this first class in a series we explore eagle’s pose in honor of Garuda, the demi-God who carries Vishnu.

We begin our hatha yoga class with the teachings on Vishnu while you rest with legs up the wall and eagle arms. Then we come into a reclined twist with eagle’s legs. From the reclined position we do some movements to warm up your hip joints. In cat pose we practice with eagles legs, we even try downward facing dog with eagles legs. Lunge pose is practiced with eagles arms before we come up to standing and practice several variations of eagles arms to release your neck and shoulders. From there we practice the full expression of eagle’s pose. When we come back down to seated we practice cow’s face legs with some eagle’s arms variations. We round out this class with the garuda mudra.

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