Yoga with Melissa 112, Vishnu Series: Ram

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 112 is on Ram. In honor of Vishnu’s incarnation as Ram we will be practicing gentleness, affections, friendliness and tenderness in this hatha yoga class. Together with his wife Sita, Ram was known as an example of faithfulness, steadfastness, incorruptibility and honesty. In honor of Ram we will practice bow pose and in honor of Sita we will practice lotus pose. This class combines hip openers with gentle, tender attention to practice.

Following the teachings on Ram, we begin with a reclined twist series to release our spine and a hip opener. When we come to seated we do the foot series to prepare for lotus position and then some more hip openers in lunge pose. When we come to standing we do some variations in warrior two and dancer pose to prepare for bow pose. Then we come down to our bellies to practice bow pose. A seated twist will release your spine and round out our hatha yoga practice.


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