Yoga with Melissa 113 Vishnu Series, Krishna/Gopala

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa is about Vishnu’s Vishnu’s eighth incarnation as Kirshna, the friend and teacher who delivers the Bhagavadgita to Arjuna. Krishna is a symbol of devotion, love, and pure joy. Through the Bhagavadgita Krishna shows the way of karma yoga and bhakti yoga. In this class we will focus on Krishna’s young days as a cow herder with cow’s face pose and poses that mimic the young cow herder with his flute in the fields. The class offers a combination of hip and shoulder openers along with balancing poses.

The hatha yoga class begins with the teachings on Krishna and his early days as a cow herder. We then lie down for some hip and shoulder releases. When we come up to kneeling we do several variations of puppy pose to release your shoulders followed by pigeon pose to release your hips. Then we come to seated and do some of our first variations of cow face pose to prepare our arms. When we come to standing we practice cow’s face arms and some fun standing balancing variations that embody Vishnu’s life as a cow herder. Bridge pose and a seated twist are the final preparations before we finish our class with the full expression of cow face pose.

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